New “botox” delivers!

DaxibotulinumtoxinA (“daxi”) is an investigational Botox®-like drug produced by the company Revance. Oregon Medical Research Center (OMRC) and our patient volunteers participated in a large national study funded by Revance where daxi was investigated for its ability to remove glabellar fold lines, the often-deep, perpendicular, skin wrinkles seen between the eyes. Over 3,000 patients were treated across the country, with over 60 participating here at OMRC. Remarkably, more than 95% of patients treated with daxi achieved a glabellar line score of zero or mild following a single injection of daxi. In addition, the effect lasted for an average of 7 months, much longer than what is normally seen with Botox®. The study also showed the drug to be safe. Because of the success of this trial, Revance has announced it will file daxi for approval with the FDA in 2019; the drug may then be available for widespread use in 2020.