Biosimilars are biologic medications that are near identical, or similar, copies of original FDA-approved biologic medications. Some people view them as “generic biologics,” although technically they are not generic drugs, since generics are 100% identical to original medications. In this article published in the magazine Dermatology World, the current state of biosimilars is discussed, especially as it relates to biosimilars of Enbrel, Humira, and Remicade, well-known and popular originator biologics used to treat psoriasis. Dr. Andrew Blauvelt of OMRC has been involved in the testing of biosimilars for psoriasis, has been the leader of the Biosimilars Working Group of the International Psoriasis Council, has advised pharmaceutical companies on the development of biosimilars, and has spoken widely to general dermatology audiences on this area. He is frequently quoted throughout the attached biosimilar update, an article that would serve as a good introduction for those interested in learning more about this hot topic in dermatology.

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